Thursday, March 7, 2013

¡Deja de Fumar Ya! (Stamp Out Smoking) in Our Community

As a component of our Hispanic Consumer Market outreach efforts, we kicked off the poster distribution campaign in the second quarter.  Posters serve as a key grassroots, communications tool for this audience.  The posters include a family-centric message and encourage our target audience to quit smoking to improve themselves and the health of their loved ones.  The posters also include an adhesive tear-off pad of information that noted the Quit Line as a call-to-action for those ready to quit smoking.

The key to education via this tool is not only the messaging but the placement of the posters as well. Through Advantage Communications, Inc. partnerships within the Hispanic Consumer market, posters have been distributed throughout Central Arkansas to locations frequented by Hispanics such as:

  1. Grocery Stores (tiendas) 
  2. Shopping Centers
  3. Beauty/Barber Shops
  4. Restaurants
  5. Free-Standing Taco Stands
  6. Night Clubs/Social Scenes

One hundred and four (104) posters were distributed in Little Rock and North Little Rock at 47 locations.  More than 150 posters have been distributed to date in Central Arkansas.  Next quarter, we will distribute more of these posters in Northwest Arkansas!

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  1. The Hope Migrant/Community Health Center in Hope, AR, would like one of these posters for their lobby. Thank you!